Book of the Month – Jul 2019

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We do have a love affair with property in Ireland, it seems to be the ultimate goal. Maybe because we don’t have the long-term rental protection that other countries such as France and Germany enjoy or maybe it is because we see how much properties have risen in the past and we want a piece of that action. Unfortunately, this love affair is what pushes up the prices of houses.

I came across “Irish Property Buyers’ Handbook 2015” it’s in paperback and Kindle formats. I tend to stick to my Kindle for reading books now, I find it a lot easier to read when travelling.

I’ve read this book and I found it extremely interesting and useful, there is a lot of information in here that normal, non-real-estate people would not know. For example, finding hidden listings and how to negotiate. Even though it was written in 2015 it is still very relevant today. I would highly recommend this to anyone that is thinking of buying a property as a home or even for an investment.

Well done to Carol for writing this.

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